Blockchain 2020 Kick Off Summit in Manila


PEOPLE nowadays wonders about science, technology and innovation it seems that the government lack the ability to have it popularized and best understood by the both upper and lower echelons of society.
Then and now, ordinary people thought of science, technology and innovation as one of the most difficult disciplines in the school curriculum.
But science, technology and innovation is all around us, engaging us and paving the way for a bright future, giving the ordinary people like us the ease of doing things by then accorded only by the rich and affluent.
Today, computing went a long way since its inception in the 60’s, from a whole building of electro-mechanical components now it has scaled down to the small smart phone.
The birth of the science that gave us Binary coding system gave us the technology of the computer and the innovation behind the Fourth industrial Revolution’s “the “Internet of Things”.
In the early 2000, Blockchain was already here in the Philippines, though it has a different image but the primary principle of decentralized ledger is there, giving birth to online payment, e-commerce, cyber-security among others.
Recently, the Blockchain 2020 kick off summit has infinite possibilities for traditional business to go digital and virtual currencies or crypto will soon to be the new normal when it comes to finance and trade. With (Mj Balaguer, +639053611058,

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