Senator Go push the national government to accelerate process for LGUs to procure COVID-19 vaccines for their constituents

Photo taken courtesy of Kim Sy Egco during Senator Bong Go personally distributed assistance to fire victims in Taytay, Rizal yesterday January 20, 2021

Senator Christopher “Bong” T. Go as Chairperson on Committee on Health expressed his support for a Senate resolution allowing local government units to buy their own COVID-19 vaccines for their constituents. With the guidance of the national government. 
According to Go that this should expedite the process of procuring sufficient supply of safe and effective vaccines for all Filipinos. 
At present Go appealed to the Executive and Legislative Branches of the government for greater unity so the country could immediately procure its needed supply and start the rollout of the vaccination program.

Go highlighted that however, the limited supply in the world market may prove to be a challenge in procuring vaccines.
Go shared that he also spoke with President Rodrigo R. Duterte and Senate President Vicente ” Tito” C. Sotto III on how to remove doubts on the efforts being taken by the government to procure vaccines. 
Go emphasized, however, that the government, through the efforts of Vaccine Czar Sec. Carlito G. Galvez Jr., is also making sure that any disclosure of information will not adversely affect the ongoing negotiations with vaccine providers. 
Go explained that just like any other country, a standard process is being followed by the government to ensure that the country is able to acquire the right amount of vaccines with the right kind of safety and efficacy, and at the right price. 
Go also emphasized that as a legislator, the Senate also wants to assure the public that there will be transparency in the procurement of vaccines. 
To dispelling the doubts of the public, Go assured that he and President Rodrigo Duterte, himself, will not allow vaccine procurement to be tainted with corruption.
Moreover, Go emphasized that aside from securing sufficient supply, the safety and efficacy of these vaccines are also being considered in the process to build confidence and allay fears of the public. 
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