INSECTS are part of our natural environment that maintains the balance of our ecosystem but in some cases as they become invasive and plays as carrier of diseases that cause death and destruction they have to be eliminated.

This is the part played by female mosquitoes in the natural environment, as they become too resilient and can become carrier of diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and H-Fever they pose a huge threat to humanity.

Yet nature has a lot of ways to maintain the balance, hence the RICHCORP Vice President Dr. Elinor Roquel as interviewed by DZMJ Online Anchor Mj Balaguer tells the story bout nature’s natural Mosquito Killer, the Citronella plant.

The company which at first started out being a supplier of raw materials for food supplement and neutraceuticals they are now pushing for the popularization of food supplements based upon Lagundi, Citronella and other plants that are both food and medicine like Malunggay, Ampalaya, Damong Maria and the likes.

Currently they are trying to get certified for Halal since the produce are all organic and has its own market that is also has a niche in the Muslim community around the world.///Mj Olvina-Balaguer, 09053611058, and DZMJ ONLINE MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL



Manila—The Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Program, the country’s highest national recognition for exemplary organizational performance, commemorated its 25th year with the theme “Celebrating Culture of Excellence, Cultivating Competitiveness and Innovation” on 12 October 2022 at the Philippine International Convention Center.  

The celebration centers on reminiscing PQA’s achievements, recognizing its stakeholders’ contributions, and launching new projects aimed to cultivate competitiveness in the country.  

Gracing the event as the Award Manager, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Fred Pascual highlighted the vital role of the PQA Program in nation-building since its creation through Executive Order No. 448, series of 1997, and institutionalization through Republic Act. 9013 in 2001.  

“PQA has fostered a culture of excellence among organizations in the Philippines, both in the public and private sectors, with its internationally comparable framework and criteria for assessing organizational performance,” Secretary Pascual said during his Keynote Speech.

DTI Secretary Alfredo E. Pascual leads the celebration of PQA 25th Anniversary at the Philippine International Convention Center on 12 October 2022  

As the country also aimed to increase competitiveness in terms of ease of doing business, DTI also sought to attract more organizations, especially in private sector to optimize the opportunities brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in transforming their respective organizations.  

DTI Secretary Alfredo E. Pascual gives a keynote message  

During the event, the Trade Chief also announced regionalizing the PQA implementation as part of the Department’s regional development strategy.  

“With PQA Regionalization, we expect MSMEs to grow into competitive and future-ready organizations. What we want to happen is to see small enterprises graduate into medium-sized enterprises and medium-sized enterprises to graduate into large enterprises. As we cultivate competitiveness and innovation among SMEs and organizations in the regions, we hope to develop a community of quality organizations at par with global standards”, the Trade Chief added.  

Leading the DTI-Regional Operations Group (ROG), Undersecretary Blesila Lantayona also expressed her commitment and support.  

“While ensuring the efficient delivery of business development programs and services for MSME development in the regions and provinces, we will persistently endeavor to help stimulate organizations to improve quality and productivity and strive for excellence while obtaining a competitive edge through improved performance or business results”, Usec. Lantayona said.  

Likewise, the event honored the contributions made by Dr. Luis Maria Calingo who had been the Program’s technical consultant since its inception in 1997, through the launching of the Dr. Luis Maria R. Calingo Excellence Award. It aims to recognize prominent individuals and organizations with significant long-term projects for the advancement of the PQA Program.  

Further, Undersecretary Rafaelita Adalba of DTI-Competitiveness and Innovation Group (DTI-CIG) thanked more than 200 organizations both in the public and private sectors who joined and supported the event. In the past 25 years, PQA has already conferred a total of two (2) Philippine Quality Award for Performance Excellence and 109 Recognitions.  


Coconut Trade Expo showcases potential of high value coconut products in the region  

DTI brings you BAHANDI Coconut Expo on October 14-17, 2022 at the Robinsons Place Tacloban.  

This trade fair will showcase 30 beneficiaries of the Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Program (CFIDP) and 26 other assisted micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Region 8. This will promote production of high value coconut products in the region through the CFIDP.  

CFIDP thru DTI aims to increase overall productivity and income of coconut farmers by providing research, marketing and marketing promotion of local coconut products.  

Buyers can expect a wide variety of high-value coconut products such as virgin coconut oil (VCO), VCO-based soap, coco coir – orchid hangers, pole ladders, and logs, coco wine, coco vinegar, coco flour, desiccated coconut and coconut-based native delicacies. There are also healthy options available such as green banana flour, turmeric tea, Robusta coffee, calamansi concentrate and plant-based chips among other traditional delicacies. There are also functional handcrafts from locally sourced coconut, bamboo, rattan, nito and romblon, that will be available at the fair.  

The fair is expected to hit PHP 2,500,000.00 sales target for the participating producer-exhibitors. This amount would account for cash and booked sales.  

This is also in time for the 78th Anniversary of the Leyte Gulf Landing and visitors are expected to arrive for the preparation of the whole celebration on October 20. Returning buyers from the previously conducted fairs are also expected to book purchases to help sustain the production of local products and the job generated in the process. END