Solutions to Societal Problems at the UP OFP 1st Leadership Forum in BGC

CITY OF TAGUIG, PHILIPPINES- LEADERS in various fields of disciple take center stage at the First leadership Forum held at the University of the Philippines Bonifacio Global (UP-BGC) City in Taguig last Sept 10 2022. The solution to the plight of workers outside Metro Manila where they become informal settlers stems from the failure of government to open up the expressways for smaller vehicles, this was the insight of visionary leader TACLOBAN CITY MAYOR ALFRED ROMUALDEZ as he talks with DZMJ Online in the video below:

While thinking about ways on how to end the spread of informal settlers through innovative ways. In Ilocos Norte on the one hand is seeking to connect the farmers to their target market eliminating the middle men that mostly is the source of their poverty, this idea was told by ILOCOS NORTE GOVERNOR MATTHEW JOSEPH MARCOS MANOTOC in his interview with DZMJ Online and the full conversation is in this video:

In the field of Agricultural Sciences, DR. RUBEN VILLAREAL former CHANCELLOR of the University of the Philippines in Los Baῆos Laguna (UPLB) and an ACADEMICIAN for Agricultural Sciences at the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines (NAST Ph), he recall his experiences with First lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos in her “Gulayan sa Kalusugan” or Green Revolution and the entire conversation with DZMJ Online is in the video below:

Fake news has also proliferated in the times of the former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. especially on those time where the claim of Sabah in North Borneo is a hot topic, MR. GUILLERMO “GEMMO” TRINIDAD told DZMJ Online that the infamous “Jabidah Massacre” is alive where no one died and everyone in the list of dead soldiers were alive then as he said if the operation jabidah succeeded, Sabah is a part of the Philippines now. and the entire story is in the video below:

While the Jabidah Massacre is a big hoax according to Mr. Trinidad, another solution other than invasion was proposed by the Minister of the Sulu Sultanate, MINISTER AMROUSSI T RASUL since they won the French Arbitration Court the interview with DZMJ Online and the conversation below:

In the UP-OFP 1st Leadership Forum held at the UP-BGC an entire discussion regarding the plight of the Sulu Sultane were in a separate classroom type conference where stakeholders and the representative were present also with DZMJ Online as Muslim since it is also a Muslim problem, the conversations are in the video below:

Former Information Minister and Senator FRANCISCO KIT TATAD on the other hand talked about his experiences through the years in government service and as a writer and journalist also what he has uncovered particularly in the times after the Marcos Sr. Administration, the entire video covered by DZMJ Online is recorded below:

While the Lead Convenor of the 1st UP-OFP Leadership Forum MR. MANNY LOPEZ takes the helm of bringing all the experts into discussion on issues on societal problems and find ways to solve them, he says that the forum will go from one university to the next to propagate the advocacy of genuine leadership as told in the interview with DZMJ Online below:

While his co Convenor MR RICHARD BONG AṄO says that the forum will continue to find leaders, people who has the same advocacy and put them in side by side with each other for this is the proper forum to voice ideas and propose solutions to societal problems, the whole conversation with DZMJ Online below:

Finally, the rose among the thorns take pride in having the 1st UP-OFP Leadership Forum a success. She is the over-all coordinator and was the person who introduced the Honorable Senator Sherwin Gatchalian being one of the speakers at the forum. MS. MELANIE MERCADO talked to DZMJ Online and their entire conversation and her insights are recorded below:

A good follower makes a good leader and in the country today, you and me can make a good leader because a leaders aren’t born they are made. Also, one of speakers in this forum is Gen. Gregorio Catapang Jr./