Four Bulacan cops victimized by fake CSC personnel

FOUR members of the Bulacan Police Provincial Office assigned at San Ildefonso Police Station have been victimized by fixers inside the Civil Service Commission simply because they want to get promoted.

The unfortunate incident happened way before the pandemic when Police Officers SP02 Wilfredo DC Celedonio, SP01 Ferdinand C Alvarez, P02 Emmanuel B Carlos and P02 Jeoffrey Valencia took the Civil Service Examinations a requirement for their promotion.

Though they had file a case in court against who they believe was the perpetrator, Felimon Garcia who served as their Proctor in their examination, still up until this article is being written, no action has been taken in the part of the Civil Service Commission.

The publication helped the Police Officers to seek help up to the Office of the President yet no action has been taken (the letters to the office of the President below) clearly these officers just want to be back in service, reinstated even for one rank lower.

They said they have talked to the Philippine National Police General Headquarters in Camp Crame about their predicament and it says that their hands are tied because the ball is in the CSC’s court, meaning the decision if they can return to service is in the hands of the CSC.

Right now the police officers who are not scalawags, no bad record and of good moral character are still hoping and praying for a miracle to happen and that their request will not fall on deaf ears.