Community of Compassion from the Triumvirate of Goodness

Tagged as the “Community of Compassion from the Triumvirate of Goodness” is more or less the gist of the interview of DZMJ ONLINE MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL to His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Gion V. Gounet, ELLD, DD,H.HUM. DPS, Ambassador At Large Extraordinary of the International Commission of Diplomatic Relations Human Rights and Peace.

At the wake of the recent onslaught of successive tropical depressions and typhoons brought about by the natural geographical location of the country, more or less 20 plus storms visit the shores of our more than 7000 plus islands and wreak havoc therein leaving destruction and casualties among others properties and livelihood.

These circumstances brought about solutions to problems on basic needs like shelter, food, water etc. after a storm, the problem that emerges are homelessness and hunger. If the disaster happen on the mainland the disaster managers can still control the situation while if it happens off shore is a different scenario.

Particularly in the Islands of Surigao, Siargao and Dinagat Island where they had been devastated by the recent storms, houses mainly made from light materials such as bamboo and sawali where brought down by the strength of the winds and storm surges.

in this regard the project “Community of Compassion” came into being which comprises of a holistic project for “human settlements’. The residents victimized by the onslaught of the deluge where relocated, given an approximate 60 to 75 Square meter housing unit, duplex made from concrete, steel, wood and glass much stronger than their usual house construction devastated by the storm.

The houses are given for free with livelihood programs incorporated, training and seminars of farming etc. were among the projects and in line with the United Nations’ SDG’g or the Sustainable Development Goals.

The beneficiaries are about 300 families, given by the triumvirate of Goodness namely, the Philippine Airlines, the United Nations and the 7th Day Adventist Church.

The Funder being PAL Mabuhay Miles, with H. E. Ambassador Gion Gounet of the U.N and since its a private sector initiative, it is non partisan so as to be inclusive for all stakeholders concerned fro the betterment of all.///MJ Olvina-Balaguer, 09053611058, and DZMJ ONLINE MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL