Peace Advocates push January 24 as “Truce Day”

THE Volunteer Individuals for Peace (VIP) in association with the international peace non-government organization Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) held the 1st National Peace Convention at the historic Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City.

The HWPL, a South Korea based international peace NGO chaired by Lee Man Hee, a World War II 92 year old Veteran went around the globe to promote peace and make war obsolete.

In the Philippines, Dr. Ronald Adamat, a member of the Tiruray tribe, an indigenous people from Mindanao and current Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Commissioner also a peace advocate cross path and resulted in a victorious quest to push for sustainable peace not only in Minadanao but elsewhere in the Philippines.

The VIP, chaired by Dr. Adamat push for Peace, Unity and Reconciliation much like the National Agenda of the current administration of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos Jr..

The convention is well attended by various sectoral representative like the Media, NGO, women and Youth, leaders, policy makers and advocates. Among the attendees were Women Leaders, Law Makers, University Presidents, Youth, Religious Leaders and Civil Society organization in particular, the Islamic Council of the City of Malolos (ICCM) which was the 1st Muslim Civil Society Organization in Malolos Bulacan.

The Malolos Muslim CSO headed by Chairma Hadji Yahya A. Gamor, Co-Chair Michael Balaguer, Secretary MJ Balaguer and Nida Barsolaso with Aynon Ganih of Montalban Islamic Council in Rizal.

More than a thousand five hundred participants attended with an aim to o establish a roadmap toward the attainment of national unity through peace in consonance with the Marcos Administration’s agenda. Through this event, a resolution will be presented to President Bongbong Marcos for a possible declaration of National Peace Day – a special working holiday. Hosted by the Volunteer Individuals for Peace (VIP) in collaboration with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL).

Also participated were Islamic Studies Call and Guidance headed by Ustadz Ibrahim Mata, National Commission for Muslim Filipinos Commissioners SAMER M. ALLONG and JAMAL M. MUNIB with Dr. Lily Lim of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc. (FFCCCII).

The consolidated declaration of all sectors wanted to make january 24 of every year as peace day of “truce Day”,///MJ Balaguer, 09053611058, and DZMJ ONLINE DAWAH ZAKAT MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL