MORONG, BATAAN- PEOPLE in this municipality has long been waiting for a change in leadership. They need willing and able as well as competent individuals who can steer their town to progress that was allegedly deprived of them by their current leaders.

In this juncture, the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), the political party that was founded by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos has endorsed its official line up of candidates vying for the Mayoralty, Vice Mayoralty and Councilors who has submitted their respective Certificates of Candidacy.

DZMJ online got the chance to interview the KBL’s bet in Morong recently at the KBL Headquarters in Quezon City. DZMJ Online asked a few questions like what they would most likely do if elected.

The Mayoralty candidate Mary Jane Manalo-Garcia she would strengthen the fisheries industry since their town’s location is at the coast. Morong is popular for its beach resorts. Another she says is cash crop vegetable plantations since this pandemic entails that the people has to be food secured. The entire interview is in the video.

The candidate for Municipal Councilor Perlita Estacio plans of installing more street lights in all parts of the town as to deter wrongdoers and criminals to avert criminal activities. Another is she wants to engage the religious sector to put up programs for the youth against illegal drugs, lastly like what their Mayoralty bet plans on establishing vegetable gardens. The entire interview is in the video.

Leonides Abarda, candidate for Municipal Councilor on the other hand plans on pushing for what he calls Social Profiling which aims to identify legit residents of a particular barangay, for contact tracing purposes and for population count. He also has plans for reforestation of the mountains he says it can also be some kind of job generation for the citizens. The entire interview is in the video.

Another candidate for Municipal Councilor Joselito Labandilo says if elected he wants Morong to have its own College since their town he says is quite far also since they don’t have hospitals he says if elected he would push for establishing a hospital in the town.  The entire interview is in the video.


arold Jay Pasilan Duran, another candidate for Municipal Councilor vows to promote mental health as an essential part of the holistic health and wellness of the people of Morong. Another move is for animal care, shelter for stray pets without a home, putting up emergency response units for rescue and related purposes and with it are additional ambulances. The entire interview is on the video.

Ernesto Manalo, running for the Vice Mayoralty bid and is the brother of Mayoralty Bet Mary Jane Manalo-Gacia says in the DZMJ Online interview that they engage in politics to change the system to BULD a BETTER MORONG, they saw the problems that  are in need of solutions, same problems that the current leadership failed to solve. The interview is on the video.

Strengthening the agricultural sector, the plight of the farmers in particular is the aim of Candidate Elizalde San Juan for Municipal Councilor in the interview he says he would help the farmers through fertilizers and Farm to Market roads as to have access for the produce from the farms. The interview is on the video.

Lastly is candidate Arvin John Morales, who vowed to renew the people’s trust to the government by bringing the services of the government down the grass root level; he also has intentions to put up a hospital or a medical center and has a move for environmental protection. The interviews can be seen on the video.

In a national perspective, the country has suffered enough after President Ferdinand Marcos’ time, administrations after administrations the people was fed up and needed a drastic change to happen.

The group of Bangon Bagong Morong headed by Mary Jane Manalo-Garcia push for the Presidency of Senator Ferdinand Bongbong R. Marcos Jr. (BBM) and at the KBL headquarters with KBL Party President Atty. Efren Rafanan, KBL Secretary General Pia Gandol and KBL Vice President for Luzon Chris Garrido.

In the local setting on the other hand, Morong has its share of disappointments, people are disappointed and fed up. They want a bright future and they says that they would work on BUILDING BETTER MORONG (BBM) in 2022.///MJ Olvina-Balaguer, +639053611058, and  DZMJ Online “Makabuluhang Jornalismo Your Happiness Channel”