Eid Fit’r Reception hosted by Malaysian Envoy

Eid Fit’r Reception hosted by Malaysian Envoy

Makati City- The Affable H.E. Dato’ Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino, Ambassador of Malaysia, last April 10, 2024 hosted the Eid Fitr  with a Cultural CulinaryFusion in Partnership with the Philippines Department of Tourism, held at Rumah Malaysia (Ambassador Residence) with a unique cultural and
culinary event. Not just about marking the end of Ramadan but
also a reflection of the deep-rooted connections and shared histories between Malaysia
and the Philippines, in line with the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations between
the two nations. The celebration which coincides with the Filipino Food Month, highlighted
the similarities between the cuisines of Malaysia and Mindanao, with a special focus on
Roti Jala, Chicken Curry, Sinulabai and Chicken Linigil.

Commenced with the Eid prayer, subsequently the food demonstration, provided an immersive
experience into the rich culinary traditions that Malaysia and the Mindanao region shared.
The Chairperson of the Ladies Association of the Embassy of Malaysia, Madam Siti
Sadiah Ahmad Zaidi Adruce and Filipino Halal Chef Tahir Ayunan Malikol, Operation Officer for Mindanao of Rubiyah expertly demonstrated to
the crowd how to make the delicacies of halal foods.

Roti Jala, often referred to as a lace pancake; is a traditional Malaysian delicacy that is
as attractive to the eyes as it is to the palate. This intricate creation involves a batter of
flour, eggs, and coconut milk, poured through a small container with multiple holes to
form delicate, net-like crepes. These are then expertly folded and served alongside a
hearty and aromatic Chicken Curry. The curry, rich with spices like turmeric, cumin, and
coriander, slow-cooked with tender chicken pieces, potatoes, and coconut milk, offers a
creamy and spicy complement to the soft, absorbent Roti Jala. Together, they embody
a culinary harmony, presenting a blend of textures and flavors that are deeply rooted in
the Malaysian gastronomic tradition, cherished for their ability to bring people together
over shared meals and cultural heritage.

Showcasing from the Philippines, Sinulabay can be considered the local version of the Malaysian
Roti. Made with flour, coconut milk, and a dash of turmeric, the mixture is prepared on a
hot grill into a crepe-like shape. The hot flatbread is accompanied by a hearty serving of
Chicken Liniggil, a type of dry curry prepared with chicken, herbs, and chillies cooked in
turmeric, chicken liver, coconut milk, and the star of the show the palapa. Palapa is a
unique Filipino condiment, sweet and spicy on the palate, and is made with pounded
ginger, turmeric, labuyo chili, toasted coconut, and the sakurab, a kind of white scallion
endemic to the provinces of Cotabato and Maguindanao. The palapa beautifully rounds
off the Liniggil, giving it that uniquely Filipino flavor.

Malaysian Envoy to the Philippines,”This is a landmark year for Malaysia-Philippines relations,
and what better way to celebrate this milestone and the shared joy of Eid than through
the universal language of food. Our culinary traditions tell the story of our shared
heritage, influences, and the bonds that have been nurtured over six decades of
friendship and diplomatic relations.” expressed by the Malaysian Envoy to the Philippines.

“Eid is a celebration that signifies the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, It is a time
of joy, a season of giving, and a period of reflection and unity. It symbolizes the core
values that both Malaysians and Filipinos hold dear, family, community, and the spirit of
togetherness. In the same vein, food plays a central role in our cultures, not just as
sustenance, but as a means to bring people together, to share in our heritage, and to
express our love and hospitality.” added by His Excellency Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino.

Philippine Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, represented by Undersecretary
Myra Paz Valderrosa Abubakar of the Office of Muslim Affairs and Mindanao
Promotions shares this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of culinary diplomacy in
bridging cultures. Food is a powerful medium that brings people together, transcending
borders and linguistic barriers. This event is a testament to our shared values, history,
and aspirations.

 A celebration of unity, diversity, and the enduring friendship
between the Philippines and Malaysia, and it is perfect to have it during an auspicious
day such as Eid, while also coinciding with our own Filipino Food Month.”

Guests also delighted for feasted foods prepared by Ambassador’s chef, Chef
Ammar Syafiq bin Ayob and officers and spouses at the Embassy which included nasi
minyak, lemang, rendang ayam, sambal udang, lontong, kuah kacang, satay and teh tarik drink.

Some of the Distinguished guest including Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and wife Kathryna Yu-Pimentel, co -owned of Tiong Bahru Philippines,Real Estate and Infra Tycoon Anthony “AJ” Violago, Billionaire Ramon Ang, President and CEO of San Miguel Corp, Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines Gen. Romeo S Brawner, Jr,  Bangasamoro Transition Commission Commisioner BARMM Liaison in Metro Manila Gafur Arami Kanain, Al Hajj, Chief of Staff of Congresswoman Rida Robes, Romulo (Jerome) Perez,  Chairman of Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industries Philippines (MCCI) Edward Ling, MCCI Vice President and Country Head of Healthy Mind Solutions Eric Yam, Vice President and Chair for Finance of MCCI/Berjaya Makati Hotel Financial Comptroller  Azhar  Bin Mahmood, Maybank BGC Headquarter CRO Raj Ramasamy, Country Head Carsome  Alan Cheah, Air Asia Manager Government Relations Rachel Jem Apoldo, Austrian Ambassador Johann Brieger and wife Roswitha Brieger, Indonesian Ambassador Agus Widjojo, Ambassador of Brunei Darussalam Megawati Dato Paduka Haji Manan and members of the Press including Maryam Jannah Binti Ismail (Mj Balaguer) of www.dzmjonline.net  and Abdul Malik bin Ismail (Michael Balaguer) of www.diaryongtagalog.net

Present from the Embassy are family of homestaff: Mrs. Nurriha Ahmad, Counsellor/ Head of Chancery,Mr. Amaluzzaman Mohd Asarani, Minister; Mrs. Intan Zalani, Trade Attaché, Mr. Mohd. Fareed Zakaria, Deputy Chief of Mission/ Charge’ d’ Affaires, Ms. Nadhirah Mohammad, Zanudin,Counsellor; Mrs Hazlina Mohammed Counsellor, Mr. Shukri Ahmad Counsellor,  Col. Ahmad Jafri Ahmad Zulyadai Defence Attache, Yazlina Azlin YahyaTourism Attache,  Mr Adhwa Azmil, Assistant Trade Commissioner, Supt. Norazman Hassan Basari Police Attache and Mrs Ernie Zuraida Abdul Executive Assistant and  Tezla Gael Raquinio, Assistant Information Officer.

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