THE Marawi City siege a couple of years ago had a devastating effect not just to the people of Lanao del Sur or the Maranaw but to the entire Muslim Filipinos in general.

Tagged as the only Islamic City in the country it has been bombed, ruined and made as a war zone to counter the meaning of the Islam. Peace, the people that had made the destruction to the only Islamic City in the Philippines hated Islam, Because Islam in Arabic means Peace and they have to do destructive things to obstruct peace and tranquility in the city proper notwithstanding the fact that they had destroyed even holy grouns such as Masjid or Mosques.

People caught in the crossfire are simple Muslims making ends meet, praying, working and seldom meddle with the politics of their city of province or even Manila.

Many had lost their lives escaping the wrath of both camps namely the Government and the so-called terrorists or freedom fighters as they call themselves declaring their allegiance with a foreign flag and wreaking havoc to the city that once was peaceful and happy.

After the skirmishes subsided, government agencies, foreign and religious groups pushed to bring back the old Islamic city by way of humanitarian programs and projects.

In her capacity, Senatorial candidate, former Sulu Vice Governor, Mayor and Congresswoman Princess Nur Ana “Lady Ann” Indanan Sahidullah vouch to join in the rehabilitation of Marawi city in a bid to help it regain its original “Islamic City” stature.

The Princess according to her, one elected at the upper house of congress, the Senate” she will push for bills that would be enacted into law strengthening the Department of Housing and urban Development, the Department of Trade and Industry and several others geared toward the objective of having to lift up the lives of the bereaved people of the Philippines’ own Islamic City. ///Maryam Jannah Binti Ismail, 09053611058, and