Quezon City, PHILIPPINES – The one who had the treasure hunting permit registered at the securities and exchange Commission and the one who has just added actors to complete the documents has been excluded when the said documents were legally binding and rumors has it that it will be monetized as the interview above commenced with DZMJ Online to the daughter of one of the Pamisa brethren in this city recently.

Doris Pamisa Torres gave an interview over DZMJ Online to shed light on the rumors over in Cagayan De Oro City that their commodity (Gold) will be monetized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and she has asked the help of both and so she took it upon herself to show the bank her documents and to debunk the notion that she is dead already.

Ms Balaguer asked pertinent questions in order to ensure the veracity of Ms. Pamisa-Torres’ claims ergo found that the documents are legitimate and that she has the original Securities and Exchange Commission certificate. In the interview both at the first one above and the second one below attest the truthfulness in Ms. Torres’ eagerness to push the claim as the one who is the rightful overall owner of the commodity being monetized.

its a family dispute from the Pamisa Clan wherein amidst the One person who has concern enough to get the documents legalize for the livelihood of the people in the area, it was under the name of Doris’ father Panfilo Torres Sr who was the President and then it was transfer to her for the leadership as his mothers name Meriam Lid-Awan Pamisa.

Ms. Doris worked in New Zealand and so as to be the financier for the group but fate twisted her heart to help and serve and to be the ties that bind among her relatives as well as the children of Amos Pamisa.

Another member of the clan whose according to Ms Doris Pamisa, their father just included the name of Amos Pamisa but now Amos’ children claiming that they have the so called sole authority over the Pamisa Brotherhood Association commodity as credit grabbers abound among Pamisa Kin.


Nasa akin ang Orihinal na SEC ng Pamisa Brotherhood Association- Torres