SOMAGO the third force in Philippine’s online shopping options

THE Fourth Industrial revolution is already felt everywhere. Here in the Philippines are evident everywhere, robotics, Artificial intelligence, Block Chain, the internet of things and the for the most part, digital banking and online shopping.

In the country, two names pop up when it comes to online shopping and SOMAGO is foreseen to be the third force. Last September 8, 2022 at the East Ocean palace in Paranaque City, the Philippine E-Com United Association Inc. held the China (Fujian)-Philippines Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference.

DZMJ Online happen to be invited by representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Manila and we get to interview Mr. Ting Zhou from SOMAGO the conversation below:

Representatives from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Manila were present but the 3 minute video messages from the Chinese Ambassador H.E Huang Xilian followed by the Secretary of the Department of Trade Philippines Sec. Alfredo. E. Pascual, the Vice Governor of Fujian Province in Xiamen China, Hon. Li Jianchen, the Governor of Ilocos Norte Hon. Matthew Marcos Manotoc, the current President of the Filipino-Chines Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc. Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong and the Chairman of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Association in the Philippines Inc. Mr. Yang Hua Hong.

In the forum promotion session of the event they have shown a 3 minute video on the inauguration of the China Liaison Office to the Philippines E-Com United Association Inc. in Xiamen wherein the Provincial Department of Commerce Ma Guowu and representatives jointly unveiled the plaque.

 A message from Assistant Secretary Glenn G. Penaranda on the interpretation of the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry’s policy on cross-border e-commerce between China and the Philippines.

Introduction to the China-Philippine Economic trade by Mr. Bai Xun the 2nd Secretary of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Philippines,

SOMAGO’s Mr. Ting Zhou on the Introduction to cross-border e-commerce platform followed by Ms. Jaquelyn Cua on the cross-border e-commerce warehouse E-Com Service Promotion and we get to interview her on DZMJ Online below:

J&T Logistics Enterprise Service Promotion in the Philippines with its Marketing Manager Chuck Nuque introducing their company followed by the introduction of Managing Director Liu Shuai of the Philippine Branch of the Bank of China and an introduction of the Security Bank Philippines who supports e-commerce promotion with its First Vice President Emy Arceo.

General manger Lin Lily of the Quanzhou wanteng Supply Chain Management Co.Ltd in Xiamen followed by the introduction of Service Promotion of China Liaison Office of Philippine E-ComUnited Association Xiamen by Xiamen General Manager Ning Jian.

with invitations form the Embassy of the People’s Republic of china in the Philippines by Mr Li Dapeng (Michael Li)/// MJ Balaguer, 09053611058, and DZMJ ONLINE MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL