OUR values as a people clearly identifies us from the rest of the world. Nowadays it is important for us to let these core values transcend to the next generation. This November as we celebrate the “Filipino Values Month” by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 479 signed on October 25, 1994 Declaring the Month of November of Every Year as Filipino Values Month.

In line with this, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) joins the whole nation in celebrating the 2022 National Observance of the
Filipino Values Month (FVM). Last October 23 they had conducted a virtual press conference about how we can promote and propagate our core values.

This publications asked questions to the organizers and promoters of the press conference also suggested that since we aspire to transcend our values to the next generation we need to focus on the children. The academe plays a major role in reviving the “Good Manners and right Conduct” curriculum aside from the Values Education Subject.

Like branding a product, this publication also suggested or asked if in the future, using Mascots as tools to propagate and promote our values to the children, it can be a sort of information-entertainment to them inculcation such to their day-to-day activities.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts further explains the rationale in the next article.///Mj Olvina-Balaguer, 09053611058, and




Amidst rising cases of COVID-19 in November last year, the National Commission for Culture & the Arts in partnership with the Negros Cultural Foundation, Inc. brought together film, TV & multimedia production masterpieces under one digital festival to culminate year-long values education & awareness initiatives.

Dubbed as “Bálay Pinoy”, the NCCA Filipino values month celebration aims to streamline & expand the efforts to promote awareness of the 20 core and shared Filipino values identified on the basis of the research conducted by the NCCA and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) in 2019 and 2020.

With health restrictions easing up, “Bálay Pinoy” returns this year to offer the Filipino public a hybrid experience between online & offline.
According to festival organizers, the NCCA Filipino values month 2022 has 3 major components: an opening day to kick off the celebration, delivery of information, education, and communication (IEC) materials, and a publicity campaign that taps into both traditional & digital media channels.

The opening day is scheduled on November 6, 2022 at the Open Air Auditorium, Rizal Park and will feature various booths & activities including henna tattoo, face painting, live sketching, arts & crafts, t-shirt printing, and film screening of Sine Halaga Film Festival year 1 among others.

“We have to be creative in the new normal to stay culturally relevant to the public. People are hungry for physical experiences and we see it as a powerful opportunity to deliver our message.” says NCCA Deputy Executive Director Marichu Tellano.

The theme of this year’s festival puts a spotlight on the importance of rediscovering the 20 core & shared values as anchor of every Filipino to our roots & identity as a people. It is dubbed “Halagahan, ang puso ng pagka-Pilipino.” (“Filipino values, heart of the Filipino identity.”)

Creative storytelling will continue to be a critical part of the values month
celebration according to festival organizers. A global screening of NCCA’s 3 flagship multimedia productions is being arranged for the general public through SolarTV & the NCCA Learning Hub website.

These include Project Destination (Filipino values teleserye), Heneral Tuna (Filipino values animated series), and Sine Halaga Film Festival (Filipino values short film program). The Filipino values festival will also continue to maintain its online presence on Facebook through Bálay Pinoy and will feature interactive content and online contests.

Webinars for Values Ed Teachers will be also conducted in partnership
with DepEd to introduce & tackle the 20 identified Filipino values. #Official Press Release of BALAY PINOY October 22, 2022


Everything we need to know about the NCCA Filipino Values Month Celebration
2022 Theme: Halagahan, ang puso ng pagka-Pilipino. Filipino values, heart of the Filipino identity.

Key Message: The 2022 Filipino values month celebration calls for a rediscovery of the core Filipino values as central part and anchor of our identity as Filipino people.

Rationale: Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 479 signed on October 25, 1994, titled Declaring the Month of November of Every Year as Filipino Values Month, the NCCA joins the whole nation in celebrating the 2022 National Observance of the Filipino Values Month (FVM) this November.

Objective: To raise national awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the 20 core and shared Filipino values identified by the National Values Program, a flagship project of the government that hopes to streamline all ongoing and proposed values formation programs across government agencies.

These values include:

  1. Love for the Family and Community (Pagmamahal sa Pamilya at Pamayanan)
  2. Faith (Pananampalataya)
  3. Attaining Education (Pagkamit ng Edukasyon)
  4. Lifelong Learning and Adaptability (Pang-habang buhay na Pagkatuto at Kakayahang Umangkop)
  5. Health and Wellness (Kalusugan at Kagalingan)
  6. Addressing Basic Needs (Pagtugon sa mga Pangunahing Pangangailangan)
  7. Ensuring Work and Livelihood Pagtiyak sa Kabuhayan)
  8. Self-Development / Self-Improvement (Paghubog ng Pagkatao/Sarili)
  9. Life, Purpose, and Happiness (Buhay, Tunguhin, at Kaligayahan)
  10. Resilience (Katatagan)
  11. Honesty and Integrity (Katapatan)
  12. Peace and Development (Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran)
  13. Respecting and Upholding Human Rights (Paggalang at Pagtaguyod sa Karapatang Pantao)
  14. Shared Responsibility for the Common Good (Pakikipagkapuwa)
  15. Care for the Environment / Ecological Integrity (Pangangalaga sa Kapaligiran/Pagpapanatili ng Integridad ng Ekolohiya)
  16. Love for Country (Pagmamahal sa Bayan)
  17. Good Governance (Mabuting Pamamahala)
  18. Upholding the Rule of Law (Pagtaguyod sa mga Panuntunan ng Batas)
  19. Valuing Culture, Arts and Sciences
    (Pagpapahalaga sa Kultura, Sining, at Agham)
  20. Creative Excellence and Innovation (Kahusayan sa Paglikha)
    In 2021, the activities of the Filipino Values Month were designed for online platforms. Considering the improvement in the level of COVID-19 contamination, the NCCA looks into face-to-face activities to implement the November 2022 celebration, dubbed as Bálay Pinoy.
    Bálay Pinoy was initially introduced as a digital creative communication campaign in 2021. It will remain as the home of NCCA’s Values Formation Program flagship projects this year and it will also be continuously used as the name of the Filipino values month celebration.
    The word “Bálai” as a Proto-Austronesian word is used in many Philippine languages across the country. “Bálai” may mean a structure (house) where Filipino families develop values systems that is unique to us. It may also be read as balay in Visayan languages, which refers to an act of building.
    Bálay Pinoy welcomes everyone to see the productions produced and created by acclaimed and award-winning Filipino filmmakers, artists, animators, and technical production teams that will be presented during the month-long celebration. Currently, the NCCA has produced the following:
  21. Heneral Tuna animated series – a winning animation concept from Rocket
    Sheep Studios for an animated series project that is envisioned to frame
    narratives that can effectively showcase Filipino Values critical in nationbuilding
    aimed to capture young viewers. The series follows the adventures
    of Heneral Tuna, a renowned hero of Planet Mingming, assigned to take
    over Planet Earth. Unfortunately, he is too cute to be taken seriously and
    ends up learning about Filipino culture and values in his conquest.
  22. Filipino values short film program – dubbed as “Sine Halaga Short Films”,
    this platform was provided for filmmakers to tell beautiful stories rooted in
    their localities that depict Filipino values. This provides an opportunity to
    discuss values through the stories of our people, shooting in particular
    regions and featuring leading local actors and cinematic teams. This highly
    encourages and challenges filmmakers to create original content, touching
    on the NCCA study on Filipinos Values for the Filipino audiences. The 12
    chosen short films from the 2021 roster were launched through the Sine
    Halaga Film Festival 2021.
  23. Filipino values teleserye – dubbed as “Project Destination”, the Television
    Series aims to explore and investigate shared and core Filipino values
    through the point of view of three millenials. The series is aimed to air for three seasons with six episodes each, each season highlighting specific cultural values of Filipinos in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, as well as dramatizing core and shared values as they unfold in stories compelling in human and social conflicts. The first season produced 6 episodes of a 1-hour program (45 minutes content) highlighting the identified values from the NCCA study on Filipino values.
  24. NCCA values learning hub – is a section found in the NCCA Learning Hub
    website ( It is an online portal that gives a plethora of information to help teachers and students
    understand the fundamentals of arts and cultural education and
    supplement and improve contemporary learning and teaching practices in
    the field. The NCCA Values Learning Hub features video content to
    celebrate the cherished values of the Filipino with stories that speak heart
    and soul, stories that capture the imagination.
    2022 Values Month Celebration & Implementation:
    The opening program for the Bálay Pinoy will be at the Open Air Auditorium, Rizal
    Park on November 6, 2022. Various booths shall be featured outside the
    auditorium featuring activities to celebrate the occasion including zumba, henna tattoo (Baybayin or Floral Design), face painting, live sketching, arts and crafts, and t-shirt printing among others. The components, in partnership with NPDC, will be shown in their open and available spaces for the whole month of November.
    Meanwhile, the month-long festival will maintain its online presence on Facebook ( by pushing interactive & educational video content and contests to engage Filipino audiences on a global scale.
    Webinars for Values Ed Teachers will be conducted in partnership with DepEd to introduce the values identified by the NVP. The festival will culminate through a Facebook live on November 30, 2022 featuring highlights, contest winners, performances, among others.