4 variants of Ready to drink cacao beverages launched

Taguig City – The Department of Science and Technology – Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI) introduced four new various of its Ready-to-Drink (RTD) native chocolate product line.

Developed by the Institute’s Food Processing Division (FPD), these

shelf-stable drinks presented during a product press launch last February 22 2024 in Bicutan.

The four variety are developed from the Philippine tablea (pronounced as tableya) or tablea de batirol, sikwate or tablea-eh, a native Filipino tsokolate drink traditionally prepared in a pot over medium fire and stirred using a batirol to produce a foamy drink. (A batirol is a wooden tool used to mix the drink before serving to prevent bits of tablea from sinking to the bottom of the pot.)

These are made from three basic ingredients: pure, finely ground cacao beans that is molded into a ball called tablea, water, and sugar. The use of pure tablea gives the drink a rich, dark, and bitter chocolate flavor.

The following are the different variant created to address specific consumer needs:

  1. RTD Dairy-Based Tablea – a chocolate drink for people who wish to enjoy the full benefits of whole milk;
  2. RTD Lactose-Free Tablea – formulated for lactose intolerant people;
  3. RTD Vegan Tablea – provides the consumers the relaxation of drinking a chocolate beverage using plant-based milk; and
  4. RTD Vegan/Sugar-free Tablea – ideal for sugar-sensitive (diabetic) consumers and people who are restricting their carbohydrate intake.

Moreover, incharge of Technology Generator of Cacao Beverages is Michelle E. Evaristo, Supervising Science Research Specialist, Food Product Development and Safety, Food Processing Division Industrial Technology Development Institute.

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