K Essentials by Katinko

Quezon City- The makers of Katinko ointment launched K-Essentials with personal care products from natural ingredients and are sulfate and paraben free to avoid negative impacts on both body and environment. that upholds the principles of tradition, sustainability, and quality that support indigenous communities and farmers by using locally sourced ingredients with a special event hosted by Actor Robi Domingo and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, an avid advocate supporting Indigenous People last March 13, 2024.

With the special performers from IP of Abiling Ayta Tribe of San Jose Tarlac also their product like ginger as`part of an ingredient in extending product range. From six essential oil blends, liquid soap, foaming wash,bar soap, beeswax candle and diffuser. Products priced from 90 pesos to 1,000 pesos. Melissa Ruivivar Yeung-Yap CEO of Greenstone Pharmaceutical the maker of popular brand Katinko empowers farmers and indigenous communities while providing products at accessible prices.

Driven by the brand’s vision of sustainability and grassroot empowerment values, they collaborated with indigenous tribes to preserve traditional knowledge, farmers, and scientists with the goal of integrating locally sourced ingredients for positive impacts to the communities.

“We wanted to explore the powerful healing properties of natural ingredients. We also wanted to create a community-supportive brand where we can sustainably help grassroots communities by integrating their produce into our products,” explained the brand. K Essentials utilizes locally sourced ingredients and has partnered with the skilled T’boli women weavers and artisans of the Betek Ifuy Organization in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato and from different indigenous Filipina weavers, to produce intricate handmade pouches from traditional Philippine fabric like t’nalak, inabel and kantarines for the products. This initiative aims to support traditional artisan livelihoods.

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