SEPTEMBER 15, 2022-MANILA-CONCERNED citizens in the Real Estate sector are asking the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) if there is such a thing as “midnight appointments’ in the housing department.

Because at the Committee On Appropriations Chaired by Rep. Elizalde S. Co from the Partylist Ako Bikol last Sept 8 2022 of the House of Representatives, there is a briefing and hearing on the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2023 for DHSUD.

The officials of the department attended headed by it’s secretary Jose Rizalino L. Acuzar with “his” Undersecretaries namely: Undersecretary Garry Velasquez de Guzman, Undersecretary Jose Ramon Pangilinan Aliling, Undersecretary Roberto Junanchito T. Despo and Undersecretary Henry L. Yap.

And the said undersecretaries allege appointment on Sept 9 2022 how come they attend the committee on appropriation before they been appointed is it a case of misrepresentation?

Is this appointment letter authentic/ there is a signature but no name of the appointing authority only the letterhead of Malacanag addressed to Sec. Acuzar. Howcome yesterday, September 14, 2022 a special Order 2022-138 designate Undersecretary Henry L. Yap by Sec. Acuzar.

And special order 2022-137 designation of Atty. Garry de Guzman, special order 2022-139 designation of Undersecretary Jose Ramon P. Aliling.

As journalist we seek assistance for verification in Malacanang through the office of the Press secretary Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles but until now we didn’t get any responds, we course through the Undersecretary for Media Accreditation and Relation Greggy N. Eugenio but until now we didn’t get any answer.

The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development is one of the most important departments of the government, the reason why grievance from the sector it represent is of utmost important to be heard and not to be misinterpreted just a bit of history, the department that was held by former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos (the mother of President Ferdinand Bongbong Romualdez Marcos Jr.) in 1976 as Minister during the time of President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Sr. and is instrumental building the nation during those time because of its holistic approach in real estate development.

At any rate as a responsible journalist we went to all avenues to contact the DHSUD starting from their website and we will just publish their reply as soon as they have contacted us.