CHRISTMAS is one of the legal holidays here in the Philippines and as they say, we have the longest celebration of Christmas which started as early September annually.

At the recently concluded Christmas Lighting ceremony held at the Xentro Mall Antipolo in which the special guest is none other than Senatorial candidate Princess Nur Ana “Lady Ann” Indanan Sahidulla along with Gen. Herbert Escalera,Mr. Fernand Fernandez and the owners of Xentro Mall, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cruz.

Princess Lady Ann mentioned the similarities of both Muslim and Christian faith particularly in revering Jesus Christ at Mama Mary which is the pivot point in the Christmas celebration of the Christians.

In the speech of Gen. Escalera there is an urgent need for Muslims to be represented at the Senate and as he says its high time for Princess lady ann to get elected. He was the one tasked to introduce the princess as keynote speaker in the Xentro Mall Christmas Lighting Ceremonies

Meanwhile Mr. Alex Cruz the owner of Xentro mall at his speech also thanked the guests and made mentioned about how the Christmas lighting came about. He says that then the celebration was done annually at their residence but when they have built malls they moved the celebration to their malls so that many can appreciate the beauty of the lights and fireworks side by side with the Christmas Lighting.

Fernand Fernandez one of the guests also delivers a brief speech as being one of the partner investors of Princess Lady Ann at the Xentro Mall in an activity synchronized with the Christmas lighting.

Memorable and worthy was the event prelude for the Christmas lighting on Xentro Mall in Antipolo with Princess lady Ann singing Celine Dion’s Hits which made mall goers thought that it was a great concert. The festive ambiance attracted the influx of mall goers not just anticipating the Christmas lighting but the curiosity to see and watch the person singing Celine Dion.//Mj Olvina-Balaguer, 09053611058, and