SENATORIAL candidates who hails from North Cotabato in Mindanao and running under the Philippine Green Republican Party, which is now headed by the Vice Presidential Candidate Media Practitioner Alexander Lague.

Candidate Elbern Suguipit if elected wants to legislate a series of laws geared toward the welfare of the Masses, the Farmers, Fisher folks and those that are living in the streets and small businessmen and entrepreneurs. Suguipt says that he hopes and prayed that in this 2022 elections leaders who would win should come from the grassroots unlike the status quo in which the millionaires ruled the land whereby the majority is a mediocre.

A businessmen himself he saw the unfair competition in the market so if elected he would legislate bills and laws that would cater to the majority of the Filipinos particularly the less fortunate.

His background is in the agro-industrial sector and at the later part of the interview he left a tagline “kung ako ay Maupo, kayo ay Tatayo” literally mean the if the people gave him a chance to be elected surely the people’s lives will change for the better.///MJ olvina-Balaguer, +639053611058, and DZMJ ONLINE MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL


BBM: Medical research needs more support to fight pandemic

Presidential aspirant Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr. said more budget must be allotted for medical research, deeming how it can be crucial in times  like the ongoing pandemic crisis.

Marcos, the standard-bearer of Partido Federal ng Pilipinas, said the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) was created in the 1980s and even after many years, it has shown its excellence when it became the only laboratory in the country that can test the COVID-19 in the early months of the pandemic.

However, Marcos pointed out the low budget of the research center caused many missed opportunities for the RITM since it was tasked to plan and implement research programs for infectious and tropical diseases only.

“Yung Research Institute for Tropical Medicine ay bagay na bagay ngayon ‘yan dito sa pag-aaral sa Covid. Pero kaya nga lang nung lumipas ang panahon, hindi binibigyang importansya itong mga institute na ito,” the Presidential aspirant said.

“Sayang naman at maraming missed opportunities pero may pagkakataon pa tayo, alam na natin ang problema. Alam na natin kung saan tayo nagkulang. I-build up natin yung mga facilities ng ating mga research. Napakaimportante, kasi naman ‘di natin iniisip dahil wala naman noong Covid, wala namang pandemya, ngayong may pandemya, pinaa-alala sa atin na kailangang gawin ang lahat ng ito,” he added.

Marcos also sees the need to strengthen the University of the Philippines’ National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH) noting that the country should be able to produce its own vaccine.

“Dati gumagawa na tayo ng sarili nating flu vaccine, ginagawa sa UPLB (UP-Los Banos) at nakakapagbakuna ng 60 percent ng population. Kaya naman natin gawin pero kailangang pagtibayin at pagandahin ang sistema. Ang daming bagong teknolohiya na pwedeng i-take advantage,” he said.

Marcos said he understands the purpose of creating and maintaining research facilities in the country that’s why he aims to increase its budget and strengthen these facilities that can be helpful not only during this time but for the years to come.


Marcos camp condones ANC’s fact-twisting, staffer’s ‘arrogance’

Despite being the subject of a massive smear campaign in the runup to the elections, the camp of Presidential aspirant Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr. on Wednesday said it would condone the fact-twisting and arrogance

shown by ABS-CBN’s news channel ANC.

Marcos’ chief of staff Atty. Vic Rodriguez scored ANC’s recent interview of one of the petitioners of the disqualification case against Marcos.

Throughout the said interview, the gist displayed in the lower thirds of the newscast implied that the topic was about a tax evasion case.  However, the discussion was supposed to be on the issue of Marcos’ “failure to file a return” and not a tax evasion case which was altogether different.

Atty. Mike Navallo, the program’s host, even narrated a ‘timeline’ of the case with the resource person who seemed to nonchalantly dismiss it and proceeded to rant about alleged non-payment of estate taxes which was totally outside the scope of the petition.

Also, Atty. Rodriguez on the very same day experienced being ‘bullied’ by a  segment producer from the media network [according to her Linkedin profile] who contacted him via text message to request an interview.

The staffer, who introduced herself as Cynthia Honorio from ABS-CBN’s news channel ANC, asked Rodriguez for a Zoom interview on ANC’s Rundown program hosted by Atty. Navallo.

The topic for the supposed interview was the petition filed with the Comelec seeking to cancel or deny Marcos’ Certificate of Candidacy (COC) in next year’s polls.

“I must admit, I was taken aback when I read the text message from the ANC staff. It’s not every day that you receive an interview request wrapped in a dictatorial tone,” Atty. Rodriguez said.

According to Atty. Rodriguez, the initial part of the text message contained standard information regarding the program and other details.  However, the middle portion included a sentence that read, “Your camp can not just ignore or dismiss this petition.”

“In my years of working as a spokesperson to former senator Bongbong Marcos, this is the first time someone imposed on us to comment.  But I choose to forgive because after all, we follow a unifying leader,”  Atty. Rodriguez added.

During his press briefing on Wednesday,  Atty. Rodriguez said, “Our initial reaction is that the whole thing is outrageous. Because there is really no case against our presidential aspirant…if that is not gutter politics, hindi ko na alam kung ano pa itatawag natin diyan. Hindi natin lubos na maunawaan bakit ang mga taong ito ay ayaw na ayaw lumaban sa isang patas na arena. Bakit kinakailangan ninyong gulangan, bakit kailangan ninyong dayain ang sambayanang Pilipino sa pagsasampa ng mga kasong walang kakwenta-kwenta.”

Meanwhile, an election law professor from The Ateneo de Manila University expressed doubt that the case would push through since it lacked a crucial component.

“Isang basehan para hindi ka puwedeng manungkulan ay kung ikaw ay sentensiyado sa isang krimen na more than eighteen months or crime involving moral turpitude. Hindi siya sentence to imprisonment. Ang nangyari siya ay nahatulan pero ang kanyang parusa ay walang imprisonment. Ang parusa niya ay fine lamang. Pag hindi ka lang nag-file or peke ang iyong finile, hindi yun crime involving moral turpitude dahil wala namang fraud,” said Atty. Alberto Agra in an interview.

This viewpoint bolsters Marcos’ position and serves to highlight the ill-natured intent of those pushing for his disqualification.

Atty. Rodriguez also assured the public that Marcos remains focused on nation-building and turning his clear vision of creating a better future for the country and every Filipino into reality.