THREE candidates from the Philippine Green Republican party are present in press conference we’ve attended last time and one of them happens to an old colleague. He now heads the party and consequently running as the country’s vice presidential race and one of his senators is no other than Darwin Logronio of Davao City.

According to him when he get elected he would review all the laws enacted in the past that caters to the needs of the poor then if those laws aren’t enough he would enact another law to complement.

He will make sure that the welfare of the farmers and fishermen are the priorities because he says that they are the backbone of the society or lifeblood, it is the driving force that make the society thrive not just exist.

Grew up as a youth leader in a Christian church based organization it helped him to get exposed to different people in all walks of life aside from the fact that his father is a farmer leader, accompanying his father he sympathize with the predicament of the grassroot, he knew the problems of poverty and all the possible solutions to counter it which he would translate into senate bills and eventually as a law.

On the last part of the interview he calls on all candidates particularly those new faces to unite on a common cause and that is to push for a genuine change in the leadership of the country and to uplift the economic conditions of the agricultural sector in general and farmers in particular. ///MJ olvina-Balaguer, +639053611058, and DZMJ ONLINE MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL



The camp of presidential aspirant Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr. tagged the filing of a petition for the cancellation of his certificate of candidacy (COC) before the Commission on Elections as merely part of black propaganda aimed to prevent his victory in next year’s national and local elections.

In an interview on GMA-DZBB, lawyer Vic Rodriguez, spokesman of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard-bearer, disclosed that Marcos advised him to prepare for more of the same attacks or gutter politics as the May 2022 synchronized elections draw near.

“Naiiling na lang. Sinabihan niya ako na this is just the start of their vicious attacks para pigilan siya (sa kanyang kandidatura),” he said when asked for Marcos’ reaction on the petition.

Rodriguez, however, added that Marcos also asked him to remind his supporters not to go down to their level and engage with his detractors in their gutter politics.

“Sinabihan niya kami na huwag mapikon at huwag pansinin at tuloy lang ang kampanya na ‘unifying leadership’,” he said.

Earlier, petitioners from human rights groups asked the Comelec to cancel Marcos’s COC for alleged misrepresentation.

Rodriguez pointed out that it is very clear that the said petitioners are attack dogs of his opponents.

“Kitang-kita ng sambayanang Filipino na patuloy ang pang-aapi ng iba’t ibang grupong dilawan kay presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos,” he said.

The lawyer further said the petition is part of the dirty politics thrown at their camp.

“Alam naman ng lahat na ito ay nagmumula sa ‘yellow wannabe political assassins’,” he said.


Ateneo law expert and ex-DOJ chief says “no legal ground to cancel Bongbong’s CoC”

FORMER Justice Secretary and Ateneo Law School professor Atty. Alberto Agra has argued that the petition filed to cancel the Certificate of Candidacy (COC) of presidential aspirant Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr. has no basis and is unlikely to move forward.

In an interview with DZRH, Agra said it was clearly stated in the Omnibus Election Code that Marcos was qualified and had no shortcomings in his CoC submission.

“Nakalagay dun sa Omnibus Election Code natin na kailangan hindi convicted. Ibang termino ang nakalagay sa batas. Ang nakalagay sa batas kailangan sentenced, may final judgement of imprisonment. Ang nangyari nung binasa ko ang kaso, wala si presidentiable BBM, hindi siya sentenced to imprisonment. Guilty siya to pay a fine,” Agra explained.

The lawyer clarified that he is not Marcos’ lawyer or supporter, but based on his analysis of the case, it appears that Marcos’ case is not tax-evasion but simply failure to file his income tax return (ITR).

The law states that in order to cancel the CoC of any candidate, he or she must be found guilty and punished with more than 18 months imprisonment and be convicted of a crime involving ‘moral turpitude.’

“Moral turpitude, kung medyo halang ka, bastos, immoral, talagang gusto mong mandaya o manggulang. Ang tanong ngayong yun bang hindi pag-file ng income tax return yun ba ay crime involving moral turpitude? Syempre hindi,” Agra added.

Agra also pointed out that there is no final judgment in Marcos’ case because it has not yet reached the Supreme Court.

“Guilty siya (for failure to file ITR) pero multa lang, walang imprisonment,” Agra noted, explaining that this is far from the basis for disqualifying a candidate.

He further asserted that the Supreme Court has already made a decision that also clarified the issue.

“In the same case na ponente si Justice Antonio Carpio, sinabi ng Supreme Court na ang crime involving moral turpitude kung fraudulent filing of the tax return. Hindi moral turpitude kung non-filing of the income tax return. Magiging moral turpitude ang non-filing kung may halong fraud,” Agra said

In the case of Marcos: “Hindi siya moral turpitude kasi hindi naman napatunayan na may fraud,” he added.

Marcos’ camp had earlier said that the new petition filed against them was rubbish and only part of the opponent’s dirty or gutter politics.