“Marang” prohibited in the LRT1 but Okay at the Bus

Balintawak, Quezon City- Novemeber 26, 2021 at around 4:30 PM two Muslim couple bought a single piece of “marang” at the Balintawak market after shopping at the nearby Ayala Mall, going to the LRT1 Balintawak station, after putting their things into the conveyor, the lady guard asked if they were going to ride the train so they replied “yes”.

The lady guard from the Kaizen Security Agency says that the LRT doesn’t allow the “marang” to board the train because of its alleged smell, they even told the couple its Durian which is “wrong” because the two fruits aren’t even related.

So the Muslim lady asked if there were signage that would prohibit such fruits like “marang” from boarding the train but they find nothing and what the Kaizen lady guard did was to endorse the matter to her superior. her superior on the other hand also refused the “marang “to board because they had issues from the past he says that train passengers are complaining especially its nearing rush hour.

The couple, who would only travel from Balintawak to Monumento was refused to board the train amidst the fact that the train fare is not “free” and the couple would “pay” for their fare. it is indeed nearing rush hour but only few people then was boarding the train unlike downstairs at the EDSA Carousel which was jam packed with people (doesn’t even observe social distancing and minimum health protocols).

So both couple insisted and asked favor to the Kaizen security officer but to no avail instead he endorsed the two to LRT 1 Employee Maria Lourdes Quizon whom also refused the couple a ride on the train despite the fact that the lady is pregnant furthermore an arrogant Kaizen guard butt in the conversation showing the couple a folder of rules that states that no foul odor fruit can board the train (it is written in number 10 font so small that can’t barely see).

So the pregnant lady just board the EDSA Bus Carousel instead which was very crowded and stairs very stressed up to climb for a pregnant person. if there were “signage” of things that are prohibited to bring inside the train much like those on the airports people would not bring anything that aren’t allowed but there aren’t any signs anywhere.

The”marang” is gone an hour after the two has reached their destination in Malolos, Bulacan. The two Muslim couple are “US” from www.diaryongtagalog.net and www.dzmjonline.net and as a pregnant person i got “stressed out” at LRT1 Balintawak Station, the EDSA Carousel Bus is free. We hope that this issue would land on the desk of DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade so similar situations will not happen again. ///Mj Olvina-Balaguer, +639053611058, maryjaneolvina@gmail.com and konekted@dzmjonline.net DZMJ ONLINE MAKABULUHANG JORNALISMO YOUR HAPPINESS CHANNEL


DOTr Press Release
25 November 2021


CEBU CITY— For the fifth consecutive year, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) secured its position during the 2021 Freedom of Information Awards on 25 November 2021, as among the top-performing departments and national government agencies that excel in the area of transparency.

The DOTr which remains at the forefront of upholding transparency in government service through its full public disclosure and in promoting the right of Filipinos to information, bagged the second runner-up award under the Department Category for the year 2020.

Transportation Secretary Art Tugade stressed that communication and prompt response to FOI requests are necessary to build the people’s trust in the government, and to uphold the right of citizens to freedom of information.

“I believe in full transparency in government service, by upholding the right of the citizenry to freedom of information and full disclosure on matters of public concern. It is communication, it is the information, and the timely sharing that will set a good platform of dialogue,” Secretary Tugade said.

A testament to the agency’s commitment to provide the public with accurate, comprehensive and timely information, the DOTr was among the first government agencies to enroll all of its attached agencies and offices to the e-FOI portal.

To ensure a nearly 100% response rate and successful response to requests for information, the DOTr FOI team ensures a proactive approach in answering requests lodged via the FOI portal as well as redirecting those who make requests to the proper and concerned agencies not under the purview of the DOTr and its attached agencies.

The FOI Awards is an annual celebration to recognize dedicated FOI partners, including government offices in the executive branch, government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), and other program implementers and stakeholders.

The event aims to highlight the FOI Program’s user-friendly mechanism to access government data and records.


DOTr Press Release
25 November 2021

DOTr Asks Google to include PH bike lanes in Google Maps

MANILA – The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has requested Google to include bike lane routes in the Philippines in the dashboard of its popular real-time navigation app Google Maps to help cyclists on their daily commutes.

Transport Secretary Art Tugade said the DOTr is already coordinating with Google regarding the project.

“This will be a very good innovation for Google Maps considering that many Filipinos now are riding bikes as their main mode of transportation which brings significant health and environmental benefits especially amid the pandemic,” said Sec. Tugade.

Tugade added that the DOTr is waiting for Google’s approval but he feels confident that the tech giant will most likely pursue the Department’s request as it is a supporter of active transport.

“We have asked Google to consider this suggestion top priority considering the increasing number of Filipino cyclists. We are confident that we can win their support on this,” said Tugade.

The DOTr has already completed its 500-kilometer bike lane network in metropolitan cities across the Philippines.

The bike lane network includes Metro Manila (313.12 kilometers), Metro Cebu (129.47 kilometers), and Metro Davao (54.74 kilometers).

Bike lanes have pavement markings, physical separators, solar-powered road studs, thermoplastic paints, road signages, and bike racks.

The project was funded under the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act.