Explore Saudi Arabia 

Makati City- Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) visited the Philippines for a forum for travel and tours at Dusit Thani Hotel on June 28 .Through partnership with TBO as travel destination platform. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which uncovered hidden gems with its cultural transformation.  Like nature adventure prominent for the majestic dune, cultural and history exploration. Not just for religious purposes of Umrah and Hajj for a muslim..

Present are: Krizia Santiago,Business Development Manager TBO, Kashful Azim Shaharuddin, Market Manager, SouthEast Asia STA and Laurence Law Market Manager, SouthEast Asia STA. Engaging Filipino people, not just a muslim.  Can be a  holistic wellness  in their natural springs and luxurious spa. Sports including equestrian, polo,camel racing,falconry, golf and tennis.

Travel is not complete without souvenirs some of the popular souvenirs are dates combined with famous Al Madinah mint, prayer rug and prayers beads on  especially on Umrah and Hajj. and for non religious traveller a rug that very attractive because of its geometric design. The oud wood perfume,

In the photo Mary Jane O  Balaguer (Maryam Jannah Binti Ismail) Publisher of www.dzmjonline.net , Michael N Balaguer (Abdul Malik Bin Ismail) web Administrator of www.diaryongtagalog.net , Kashful Azim Shaharuddin, Market Manager, South East Asia STA and Laurence Law Market Manager, SouthEast Asia STA.