First La Galera 2024 Ms Gay White Beach crowned

Puerto Galera –  If Boracay has “La Boracay” now its Puerto Galera time to offer “La Galera” on the 1st La Galera 2024 Ms Gay White Beach crown with the Hermana Mayor Kitz Acebuche most fondly called Direk Mark Tan the Owner of Acebuche Hotel and Resorts, Acebuche Gold Exchange, Acebuche Travel and Tours and Acebuche Perfumery Philippines. 

The young prince of scents shared that even though he wasn’t born here but then he consider it as his second home. Some of the judges on May 10, 2024 held at San Isidro White Beach of Ms Gay La Galera White Beach 2024 are the followings: 

1.Malou Rost, former Abs Cbn  Producer, chef and hotelier

2.Sherwin James Magbuhos, President Committee De Festejos

3. Alexandra Vytkalova, Owner of Alexandra – Rey Suites

4. MJ Balaguer, muslim journalist owner of DZMJ Online. Net and Publisher of Diaryong Tagalog. Net

 5. Andrei David, The current designer of 1st Lady Liza Marcos

6. Zeny M. Poe, Lower house of Representative consultant and wife of the late Conrad Poe

7. Michael Eagle Riggs, LGBT Pilipinas National Adviser, Media and TV Personality 

8 Andrew De Real, The King of Comedy Bar “Mamu” Owner of the Library the longest running comedy bar

9. Joseph Ryan Albery Acebuche Rivera, Municipal Councilor of Dolores Eastern Samar, National Movement of Young Legislator of the Philippines Regional Auditor of Region 8. Philippines Councilor League Board of Director Eastern Samar

10. Reynants Uy Trinidad, Owner of Finesse Residencia

The Reigning of La Galera Ms Gay White Beach is Rhian Orain with cash prize of P20,000, sash and crown,  Best in Swimsuit with sash and cash of P5, 000 and Best in Long Gown with sash and cash of P 5,000. 

First runner up Maria Sofia Alcantara received cash P15,000, sash and crown,  Best in National Costume with sash and cash of P5, 000 and Best in Talent with sash and cash of P 5,000. 

Second Runner up Cassie Caungca got cash of P10,000, sash and crown. Third Place Zagel Bernardo received ash P 3,000, sash and crown and The Fourth Place Kyle Ivan De Guzman received sash and cash of P3, 000.

And all other candidates received consolation of P2000 cash each with the extravagant fireworks display and the signature of Galera fire dancer entertain the crown and all monetary prize given to the contestants are compliments of the Hermana Mayor Direk Mark Tan. 

The event was hosted by Michael Bristol and part of Committee de Festejo Officer of La Galera 2024  Hermana Mayor Direk Mark Tan, President Internal Sherwin Magbuhos, Vice President Internal Cristine Magbuhos, Vice President External  Ben Dela Pena, Secretary John Marion Magbuhos, Auditor Veronica Panizales and Adrian Subasos,Treasurer Mhean Magbuhos. Youth Committee, Christian Jay Magbuhos, Von Vien Caniaberal, Beth Manongsong, Roderick Sandoval, Volunteer Committee Mikel Mejia, Consultant Architect Sonny Agbing, Producer Michael Eagle Riggs, Associate Producer Joeph Deo Deoganis. 

 With Opening remark from Municipal Administraor Ms Datinginoo. Present also is Barangay Chairman Luisito M Garcia of San Isidro.  /Mary Jane Olvina-Balaguer, +639053611058, and