MAHARLIKA VILLAGE, TAGUIG CITY- MAY 9, 2020, 780 Food Packages has been distributed by the London-Based Muslim Organization Haji Rafique Foundation as their humanitarian relief in celebration of Ramadhan 2020.

Country Representative of the Haji Rafique Foundation Irfan Bhatti was instrumental in this endeavor given to the Muslim community of this village and this project was implemented
by the garden Mosque Administrator Asnad Badlis together with its Grand Imam Ustadz Ahmad Hamjatin and the Chairman of the Muslim Consultative Council Jadjurie Arasa with Vice Chairman Ustadz Naguib Taher in behalf of the Muslim Community of Maharlika Village.

This Holy Month of Ramadhan, Muslims Everywhere fast from sun up to sundown as part of their religious obligation in the religion of Islam and in the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also an opportunity to express solidarity and help their brothers and sisters in the faith.

The community wishes to express their boundless thanks to the Haji rafique Foundation and their staff for sharing their blessings to the Philippines “barakallahu feykum” and much thanks to the Barangay Chairman Harry Pautin for giving the foundation permission to distribute the goods amidst the lockdown. (details care of Mr. Jadjurie Arasa through Mj Balaguer).///Abdul Malik Bin Ismail, +639333816694,

Update on WHO Solidarity Trials as of Tuesday, 12 May 2020:

There are 24 hospitals in the Philippines participating in the World Health Organization (WHO) Solidarity Trials, with 12 of them actively recruiting patients. There are a total of 87 patients included in the study.

For vaccines, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) have conducted exploratory talks with many vaccine research groups and organizations abroad through a panel composed of vaccine experts.

We have had online technical discussions and virtual meetings with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and SinoPharma in China, and the Academia Sinica, the National Health Research Institute, Chang Gung University, and Adimmune Corporation of Chinese Taipei about their respective vaccines and their current stage of development.

The DOST has already made preliminary assessments as to which of them are of the highest potential to work with. We will continue to have talks with vaccine research groups in Russia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the US. We will be involved in Phase Two and Phase Three clinical trials with some of these research organizations.

The WHO has previously expressed their enthusiasm with the partnership on their official statement.

“We are glad to partner with the Philippines and other countries around the world to help find an effective treatment for COVID-19. The more countries that will be participating in the Solidarity trial, the quicker we will see results,” said WHO acting representatives Dr Socorro Escalante and Dr Tauhid Islam.

“Let us continue to work together to beat COVID-19.”

DOST-RO2 boosts assistance to Isabela farmers with 20 units of Multi-Purpose Solar Drying trays
TUGUEGARAO CITY- Over 120 Isabela farmers in the Cagayan Valley region look forward to improving the quality of their produce after the Department of Science and Technology Region 02 (DOST-RO2) office provided six of their agricultural cooperatives 20 units of Multi-Purpose Solar Drying Trays. The equipment were given free.
The six farmers cooperatives include the Nakar Agriculture Cooperative, IP Agricultural Credit Cooperative, Dimas Agriculture Cooperative, Jones Goat Raiser Agriculture Cooperative, and the Dibulan Farmers Organization. All six are in the fourth district of Isabela province. The last two are based in Jones, Isabela.
Isabela 4th district Representative Alyssa Sheena P. Tan said the cooperatives’ farmer-members will significantly benefit from the post-harvest equipments provided by DOST-R02, particularly in speeding up the drying and ensuring the enhanced quality of their farm produce. The Multi-purpose Solar Drying Trays will cut by half the time traditional sun-drying method takes.
DOST-R02 Regional Director Sancho Maborang said the solar dryers can be used to dry various farm products including grains, tobacco, meat and fish, among many others.
The farmer benefisries are from communities covered by the DOST Community Empowerment through Science and Technology (CEST) program.