SHOW window in every household is the toilet. There are some cultures wherein the measure of the attitude of the household occupants reflects on how neat and tidy the  is their toilets and there are some on the other hand that treats the toilet as literal rest rooms.

The opinions maybe wrong or right but the fact is 70 % of Philippine household has no toilet, the public restrooms are dirty and most has foul odors, making sanitation very poor contributing to emergence of diseases and health problems.

Recently at get to interview the owner of Xentro Mall Antipolo wherein they have been awarded by Maynilad, with the “goden Kubeta Awards” because of the neatness and tidiness of their toilets and some considered them the cleanest.

The interview coincided with their annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony  and the owner of Xentro Mall Mr. Alex Cruz told us that is Xentro Malls, they have hight regards to the Muslim brethren that is also the reason for the Male and female Wudu, also situated inside the restroom.

Mr. Cruz explained that our Muslim Brethren needs to wash up before praying so since they have Muslim tenants in the Mall, it’s a gesture of respect for them to have a place to wash up and they also provided a place for mothers to breastfeed.

The inspiration behind the clean toilet is from way back when they were still starting, they have noticed the public toilets untidy and had foul odors that is why when they put up malls they maintained clean restrooms.///MJ Olvina-Balaguer, 09053611058, and