Our Sultanates an Intangible Cultural Heritage


BEFORE the Europeans stepped into Philippine soil, there is this strong leadership in the Muslim Filipinos that came at par with its (Association of South East Asian Nations { Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darusalam, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, Thailand and Singapore} ASEAN) brethren in Islam, the Sultanates. History tells us that there are more than one sultanates, more than one family or clan that ruled several kingdoms in the southern Philippines (Mindanao) even in the islands of the Visayas and Luzon.

The history of the Sultanates Predates European colonial times which goes to show that what Fernando Magallanes (Ferdinand Magellan) says that he allegedly discovered the Philippines is a blatant lie. The Sultanates also serves as peacemakers and as the defacto Head of State he is respected and emulated by his royal subjects.

All the Sultanates and the Royal houses converged recently at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay city to unanimously enthrone HRH Sultan Bob M. Datimbang Al Hajj at the Sultan of the Philippines. Royal Houses of the Maranaws, the Royal Houses of the Maguindanaos and the Sultanate of sulu where there to witness the monumental and historic activity.

Mostly Muslim tribes from the Bangsamoro or the 18 tribes participated along with members of the Muslim communities around the Visayas and parts of Luzon where there were Paramount Sultans that acts as community leaders along side their elected counterparts. the Sultan of the Philippines gave his speech along with the Ulamas or Islamic Religious leaders.

Dominant colors are Yellow, Green and violet whom all are colors of royalty back in the days and even up to the present, the event is filled with excitement notwithstanding the uneasiness of the crowd who are conservative enough and not used to the mix of male and female.

HRH Sultan Bob M. Datimbang Al Hajj is according to people close to him really is fit for the position. His humanitarian and religious endeavor makes him not just a good example of a community leader but a true father figure to his community in Montalban and to his friends, an honorable and peace loving man.

Like the Agung in Malaysia which is comparable to the Sultan here in the country, unlike our Sultan, the Agung has political powers and that is what lobbyist are doing in the Senate and House of Representative urging lawmakers to craft laws pertaining to the powers of the Sultans in general and the Sultan of the Philippines in particular. If such law will be enacted it will be a new face of Philippine Politics.

The event took place March 18, 2023 at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City and organized by the Phangampong A Pilipinas Da’ wah Solidarity Inc.. And Muslim Solidarity Movement for Peace and Harmony Inc..

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