Online news portal gets to interview a prominent labor leader and is instrumental in forging cooperation between workers union and company management both in the private sector and government.

His advocacy of peaceful coexistence between company union and management has made positive impact on the lives of the Filipino working class and he’s about to take it to the next level.

Atty. Villamor “Ka Amor” Mostrales the 2nd nominee of the Kapamilya ng Manggagawang Pilipino Partylist or simply Kapamilya Partylist is more or less a Pro-Labor partylist. In a recent interview with Ka Amor or Kuya Amor as he wants to be called by his close friends and colleagues, ‘s inspiration for the interview is the words Ka Amor says which is he wanted to elect a Muslim President.

First of on his agenda if their partylist won is to craft a law making the minimum wage nationwide, he explains that the reason for it is because in the provinces, the prices of commodities is higher than that of the NCR being the impact of transporting goods and services.

The people in the provinces has lesser income meant that if we get to compare the standard of living of the people in the provinces with that of living in the cities, the disparity is quite wide.

Second agenda is emphasizing the need for workers to have its own home and job and in his job he has to have ‘a Security of Income” or is equivalent to “living wage”. Workers always talk of security of tenure, Ka Amor explains that although in the security of tenure a worker will not be retrenched from his work but can he be able to live with his job that is why it is preferable to have a security of income.

He also says that Healthcare should be “Free” for all Filipinos, with particular emphasis on senior citizen because he says that the sector has been neglected he also says that the government can do it instead of wasting money.

His example is the current “ayuda” of 500 pesos monthly to senior citizen isn’t enough because some avail of it while others do not. They also wanted to look on the welfare of the security guards because the security industry is a million dollar industry and yet the plight of the security guards is different.

The entirety of the interview is below: