2nd Edition RUNWAY ACEBUCHE IMAGE MODEL 2022 Crowd Favorites and well wishers

In all pageants around the world there are well wishers and above all else crowd favorites. last August 28 2022 in the City of San Fernando in Pampanga the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Acebuche Exchange Philippines Mr Kitz B. Acebuche also known as Direk Mark Tan spearhead yet another milestone in the fashion industry which is the 2nd Edition Acebuche Runway image Models 2022.

Prettiest and freshest faces from the Province of Pampanga and adjacent municipalities and cities as far as Zambales and Tarlac to the North and as near as Makati ang Paranaque in Metro Manila participated in abid to be included as one of the the country’s image and ramp models.

As seen in the video courtesy of DZMJ Online, the participants displayed their best on stage and how they carry their poise under pressure and with limited resources. The prettiest faces of the Kapampangan outshines the rest as they say which include members of the province’ cultural minorities, evident that the Filipino beauty is in its diversity.

Aside from Acebuche Exchange Philippines and CEO Mark Tan, at the helm of the activity is its Head Organizer Tintin Papio and Assistant Organizer Mark Vincent Deang. In the speech of Mr. Tan he gave thanks and mentioned the people who had helped him making the event successful.

The Owner of Arbez Suites (Solanie Hotel) Mr. Jeffrey dela Cruz, HermTan of Mar and Bien Salon, the founding Chairman and CEO of the Mr an Ms Eco-tourism Philippines Mr. Darwin Abrina Bago, the Mayor of the City of San Fernando Pampanga Hon. Vilma Caluag and both DZMJ Online and Diaryong Tagalog as partners from the Media as well as Lance Photography.

Major Contributor is Mannix Carancho owner and CEO of Prestige International in the fashion industry as well as in entertainment like pageantry things aren’t all’s well but the things that make it successful is the camaraderie and friendship that stems from these types of activities, building bridges and expanding networks for the betterment of everybody.

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