Whatever we do, put God first and He will direct and crown our efforts with success, true enough for this self-made businessman who overturned a life of mediocrity starting from nothing to something.

An Entrepreneur, Independent Movie Director, Event Organizer and a very simple fun loving person that best describe Kitz Acebuche or Mark Tan, his screen name.

“I started out producing movies that are shown in small theatres in manila, those were titillating films” he says in a casual chat with friends.  

Far from his humble roots in Dolores, Eastern Samar, “Direk Mark” as his colleagues and friends fondly called him reached his hard earned success without forgetting to stay on the ground.

“I’m not rich, it just so happen that I had a lot of angels that has guided me along the path where I end up” he continued as he was happily talking with friends and colleagues.

Love for family, friends and relatives and the good old gratitude to those who has helped him in his way to success is the fuel that propels this 33 year old guy into the pedestal of success.

“The problem with me is I easily trust people I haven’t got to choose between the good one’s and the bad one’s but God retain the Good people and I simple ignore the bad” he laughs as he narrates his sad experiences.

Indeed the journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step and if “Direk Mark” didn’t make that first move to get out from an impoverish life he wouldn’t have made it this far.

“Aside from my Acebuche Perfume business I also engage in rice trading and my Acebuche Gold Exchange, as a matter of fact I re open my shop in the ground floor of Solanie Hotel in Malate Manila” he humbly talks about his other business endeavors

The “Kiting” of his hometown in Samar is now the well respected and well emulated Mark Tan who from a mediocre in business is now tycoon in his own right.

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