IRM 2022 scene at MAID IN MALACANANG very emotional

WATCHING the premier night at the Block in SM North EDSA last July 29, 2022 was one of the happiest day of my life. Attending movie premier is just another day at the office for me, i also cover entertainment and the arts mostly of NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) or if some of our closest movie directors invite us to promote their film.

But the movie “Maid in Malacanang” has a something special that i wont miss and indeed we watched it again, recently in Malolos at robinsons mall. what striked me is that very touching moment in the “oyayi” part where the characters of now President Bongbong Marcos Jr. played by diego Loyzaga and First Lady Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos played by Ruffa Gutierrez where crying and telling the character of BBM that they can never set foot on malacanang again.

of course after the the sobbing of the first lady to her son, the character of BBM assured his mother that in the future they will return to the palace. sort of a prophetic picture of what is the current situation today then the camera fanned the shoes bearing the mark IRM 2022.

indeed the movie has touched the hearts of people evident that it has become a top grossing film and said to be the spark of the revival of pinoy movies. personally as a second generation of Marcos loyalist, honestly my parents only told us about goodness of the Marcoses and how they have been victimized by circumstances and that history will decide should they be vindicated and that stories from the past can only be seen as fiction especially those narrated by their political enemies.

Director Darryl Yap as my fellow Escolarians same course as mine as Bachelor of Arts in Mass communication major in Broadcast. Create his own niche in Film Industry. With Senator Imee Marcos portraits by Christine Reyes show compassionate love to his father and to protect her family as elder daughter.

One of the maid played by Beverly Salviejo as Manang Biday how in the character of Ate Fely in our fellow circle as loyalist are the former hair stylist of Madam Imelda Marcos. Also very familiar character as we are covering PhilHealth the role of General Ricardo Morales as former President and CEO of Philhealth back then in the movie as Colonel.

aside from the artistic portrayal of the last 72 hours of the first family before they fled outside the country people i talk with told me that some of the scenes are based on facts and some are exaggeration true or not all in all the movie is indeed a masterpiece of modern film making and can be considered as an astounding work of art.