Coup de Foundre of Rollie Yusi @ Alliance Francaise de Manille

Makati City- “Coup de Foudre” is a collaboration by Alliance Française de Manile- Philippines, Ms. Rollie D. Yusi and Galerie Y. The exhibition, “Coup de Foudre ” symbolizes Rollie D. Yusi’s love at first sight for France.  From March 14 until March 28, 2024 While always drawn to the country’s glamour, her desire remained a dream, until such summer time of 1990 when reality surpassed her dreams. Since her first visit, the artist has embarked on a strong desire to return to France, creating magnificent artworks that celebrate the country’s superbs landscapes and sights.

Some of the delightful notes Ms. Rollie Yusi wrote about her exhibit:

The day I stepped foot in France was “Coup de Foudre,”… love at first sight: the scent of the air and seeing the sights for myself was truly magical. France is a beautiful country, both literally and culturally. Its many contributions to Western Civilization are unmatched. I was always interested in visiting this lovely country.

Before, I could only devour articles and materials about France for years, just longing to go there someday. My desire and enthusiasm to experience France only remained in my dreams. It was in the summer of 1990 that reality surpassed my dreams.

Since then, I have returned to France time and again, with my intimacy with her growing more and more each time as I personally discovered new facets from old knowledge. I discovered new exotic facts about France from first hand experience that I could not have learned from a book.

Present during exhibition opening are: Manny Baldemor, Eddie Chua,Martin Macalintal, Cultural and Audiovisual Attache of Ambassade De France Aux Philippines Et En Micronesie and wife, Ambassador Cristina Ortega- President Alliance Francaise Manille- Philippines, Xaxier Leroux, Executive Director-Alliance Francaise Manille- Philippines, Olivier Dintingier- Deputy Director-Alliance Francaise Manille- Philippines, Member of the Press including Michael Balaguer of Diaryong Tagalog and other media entities. 

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