At the Press Conference for the 30th Anniversary of AIMS (Asian Institute of Maritime Studies) held at the Latitude Deck 11 of their Pasay City Campus last February 13 2024 they talked about advancement in their curriculum and future plans of the institute in the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution so as the future of Maritime sector in the country and how it will be as relevant as today.

With the theme “Propelling Excellence Through Accountability” the conference started with a prayer followed by the singing of the National anthem and the AIMS Hymn then the host introduced the guests and acknowledge the AIMS Executives, officials as well as the members of the Media that covers the event.

Then a power point presentation was done by Ms. Janet Abuid-Dandan the Vice President for Student Services with her “AIMS 30 Years AI Presentation” followed by a message from Dr. Felicito P. Dalaguete the Chief Executive Officer of AIMS about “30 Years of Progress and Vision for the Future”

Dr. Arlene Abuid-Paderanga the President of AIMS gave a simple message at the conference about the 30th anniversary after which an informal networking session including one -on-one interviews with AIMS representatives was done as well as a photo opportunity with all of the participants.

AIMS 3 decade, transcends generations

Pasay City- Asian Institute of Maritime Studies ( AIMS) hails it 30 years in the maritime industry. With this year team “AIMS 30th Years: PEARLS of Wisdom”

During the Press Conference last February 13, 2024 @The Latitude, Desk 11, AIMS. With the Key officials Ms Janet Abuid- Dandan- Vice President for Student Services introduces the E LAISA an AI virtual assistant stand for Electronics Learning and AI at AIMS.

From the “30years of Progress and Vision for the Future” of Dr. Felicito P. Dalaguete- Chief Executive Officer. From it’s has been established in 1993 from the modality of Management teams that afloat in sailing full speed ahead, also tackle about enrollment statistics, to set build up of Professional Schools, QA Certifications and other quality control mechanisms and strategic directions,

As master of ceremony on Press conference is Robert F Hayden Jr, Director, International Affairs and Planning Office.

Capt. Lino Paderanga, Vice President for Professional Development introduce the AIMS former scholar now she part of AIMS Faculty.

Seafearer is a social mobility in the community. In more than 90 maritime school in the Philippines AIMS want excellence as achievement, integrity mastery service maritime school

Part of challenge is the magna carta of seafearer which need a clear roadmap for maritime education.

As this February, National Arts Month , The school has it own Museo Maritime. The Great Filipino Seaferer’s quest. To understand deeply on maritime history.