US Black OPS focused on Chinese produce Sinovac

Quezon City, Philippines- During the forum held at Packo’s Restaurant this June 19,2024.  Part of the information war of United States expose by Reuters, major reputable news wire published June 14. The U. S. military set up hundreds of fake social media accounts, spreading messages in Tagalog to the Filipino community that spread doubt on the effectiveness of protective measure and warned against any help from China.

It was only intervention by President Rodrigo Duterte threatening to arrest those who resisted vaccination, that reversed the situation. Otherwise, many more could have contracted the virus and death toll gone worse. 

The country suffered heavily from the pandemic, with more than a million reported cases and death 66,864 deaths from the virus. These fake accounts amassed thousands of followers and as 2020 continued, became specifically focused on anti vaccination messages. 

The sabotage started under former President Donald Trump and continued into the early months of President Joe Biden’s Administration. The black propaganda focused on the Chinese produced Sinovac. According to the presentation of Ado Paglinawan of Vice President of Internal Affairs Asian Century  Philippines Strategic Studies Also launched his book entitled “No vaccine for a virus called Racism”. 

While on the presentation of Herman Laurel President Asian Century Philippines Strategic Studies Institute on the except of Schiller Institute Emergency Conference : The danger of Nuclear War is Real, and Must be stopped held at United States National Press Club last June 12. Schiller Institute founder and Chairwoman of Helga LaRouche wife of the late Lyndon LaRouche of LaRouche Movement. Working around the world to defend the rights of all humanity to progress,material,moral and intellectual.

According to Scott Ritter “The United States is incapable of fighting a sustained conflict against a peer-level force. The United States cannot fight and engage China and win.We will not bear the Chinese. We cannot beat the Chinese. And we know this, yet we’re using the Philippines to create the conditions of potential conflict with the Chinese. Please understand that for the Filipino people, this is a recipe for disaster. You think America is your friend. So too did the Ukrainian people, and they are dying by hundreds of thousands, Friends don’t let friends die in those quantities. The Ukrainians have been displaced by the tens of millions. 

It’s the high time the Filipino people pressure their government to start sitting down and engaging the Chinese government responsibly. China is not your enemy. China is your neighbor. China is your friend. 

China doesn’t want war. And if you would engage China in diplomacy and as we’ve all indicated here, America has long since lost the skill set necessary to carry out diplomacy. But the Filipino, the Philippine people can reignite this, to relearn it, to use this skill to prevent a war. America is here only to use you until there’s nothing left. And then we will discard you on the trash heap of history. 

Also tackle if the Pentagon and US Military admitted disinformation against Sinovac on a quoted statement led by Sec Carlito G Galvez Jr, National Task Force Against Covid 19, Chief Implementer and vaccine czar denied that US did it. Because of condition reflex our country is an economy of service and agriculture we don’t have industrialization only re- export. It high time our economy to re- export. And China was a huge 1.4 Billion market. 

 Moderator Daniel Long of Asian Century Philippines Strategic Studies On Zoom panelist are Prof Anna Malindog Uy, Vice President for External Affairs and Sass Rogando Sasot PhD in International Relations Services in Beijing . The BRICS Brazil, Russia,India,China and South Africa are significant new global players that the philippines must learn to deal with.